Our leadership

Successful organizations begin with good leadership.

Leaders must be decisive, creative and lead by example. Leaders are accountable for results; foster strong teams; share skills and experience; learn from challenges and celebrate success. And above all, they remain focused on the job at hand.

  • Doug Suttles

    Doug Suttles

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    Doug Suttles joined Encana in June 2013 as President & CEO.

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  • Sherri Brillon

    Executive Vice-President & Chief Financial Officer

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  • David Hill

    Executive Vice-President, Exploration & Business Development

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  • Terry Hopwood

    Executive Vice-President & General Counsel

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  • Michael McAllister

    Executive Vice-President & Chief Operating Officer

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  • Ryder McRitchie

    Vice President, Investor Relations & Communications

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  • Mike Williams

    Executive Vice-President, Corporate Services

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  • Renee Zemljak

    Executive Vice-President, Midstream, Marketing & Fundamentals

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