Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility is more than a once a year report. It is our commitment to conducting business ethically, legally and in a manner that is fiscally, environmentally and socially responsible.

We are committed to continuously building on our past success and improving both the methods and measures of our performance. Our approach to corporate responsibility entails both strong corporate governance and responsible development.

Strong governance depends upon the performance of our people, adherence to our policies and practices and, quite simply, supporting all employees and staff to do what is right. This approach to governance ensures we are able to responsibly develop our resources. Responsible development means we measure, communicate and act on issues related to the environment, community, health and safety in a manner which is proactive and responsive to the needs of our stakeholders and minimizes environmental impacts.

Read the 2012 Corporate Responsibility Report

Our corporate responsibility mission

We create value for our shareholders, are accountable to our stakeholders and remain steadfast in our role as an industry leader in workplace safety, environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

Our three corporate responsibility goals are to continually improve as an industry-leading:

  • operator of choice
  • employer of choice and
  • partner of choice

Corporate responsibility at Encana

Corporate responsibility

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