Focus areas

As a responsible corporate citizen, our goal is to be an operator of choice, an employer of choice and a partner of choice. We create value for our shareholders, are accountable to our stakeholders and remain steadfast in our role as an industry leader in workplace safety, environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Through strong governance and responsible development practices, we have identified five focus areas:

  • People

    Our commitment to corporate responsibility starts with our people, which is why we focus on making Encana a place where talented people want to work. Our dedicated staff share ideas on how to safely and responsibly increase production and protect our environment. We provide our employees with a variety of programs to recognize experience and reward results. Our contractors are also a vital part of our operations. Learn more about the benefits of working for Encana by visiting Work for Us.

    2012 Employee breakdown by age group (percentage)

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  • Health

    Our goal is to achieve a workplace free of recognized hazards, occupational injuries and illnesses. A premier health and safety culture contributes to long-term shareholder value creation. Strong health and safety performance is both a core value and a common goal of our leadership and staff. We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our staff and the public, and ensuring that our workforce is empowered with the appropriate resources to achieve health and safety excellence.

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  • Safety

    Achieving an injury-free workplace hinges on doing the little things right to ultimately ensure the safety of our staff and the residents of communities where we live and work. We expect everyone to take an uncompromising approach to safety. We have created a safety culture where we are continuously working to reduce potential risks while improving our safety processes and everyone working with us is required to understand and comply with our safety policies and practices.

    To help us achieve an injury-free workplace, we have put programs in place to help us raise awareness and understanding of potential work related hazards. Learn more about:

    Total injury frequency 2010 - 2012

    (1) Recordable injuries include total permanent disabilities, lost work day cases, restricted work cases, medical treatment cases and fatalities.
    (2) Estimation of contractor hours is based on gross operational and gross capital expenditures using Canada Association of Petroleum Producers 2008 conversion factors for contractors working in Canada and American Petroleum Institute 2009 conversion factors for contractors working in the USA.
    (3) Frequency is based on 200,000 exposure hours.
    (4) We calculate exposure hours based on US dollars in the Canadian and USA Divisions.
    (5) Lost time injury frequency and recordable injury frequency rates were calculated based upon known and recorded injuries as at January 24, 2011.
    (6) Frequency equals (number of occurrences X 200,000)/exposure hours.

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  • Environment

    We believe that strong environmental performance is a key indicator of our success. Each area in which we work brings its own unique environmental challenges, which is why we work closely with stakeholders to gather knowledge and develop an environmental approach that is tailored to the unique physical characteristics of each operating area. We seek to minimize our environmental footprint by applying innovative technologies and work to optimize our water use, ensure safe water disposal, manage air emissions and limit our physical footprint and impact on natural biodiversity.

    Learn more about our approach to reducing the environmental impacts of our operations:

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  • Engagement

    We work with stakeholders in a transparent, honest and respectful way. We listen to their concerns and work together to find solutions. Effective stakeholder engagement at Encana is about building trust, communication and collaboration. Our long-term success depends on our ability to generate support for our business in the community and on how well our stakeholders understand our strategy, operations and how we contribute to the communities where we operate.

    Learn more about our efforts to build community engagement:

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  • Community Involvement

    Our community investment programs are strategically aligned to help educate people on the importance of environmental stewardship, boost local economies and enhance the skill sets of the next generation of industry leaders. Encana's focus areas for Community Involvement in 2012 included Environment, Education and Community Life. Our Community Investment budget is directly related to cash flow. In 2012, we worked to ensure new investments aligned with business strategy and our long-term partnerships continued to deliver maximum mutual benefit.

    To apply for funding for your organization or learn more about our funding priorities, please visit Community Investment.

    2012 Encana Community Involvement grants by focus area

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