Fee lease compliance

In Canada today Encana holds fee title land primarily in south central and west Alberta with limited fee title ownership in British Columbia. The majority of Encana's fee title land was granted to a predecessor company, The Canadian Pacific Railway Company, by the Dominion of Canada, in consideration for completing the national railway from Winnipeg to British Columbia - uniting Canada from east to west. The fee title Land Grants included with some exceptions, all mines and minerals.

Encana is proud of its legacy assets and throughout its history has focused on optimizing value from its fee title lands. In addition to its own drilling and development activity, Encana leases its mineral rights for third party drilling and development activity. The Compliance & Fee Land group reviews all active leases to ensure lessees are in compliance with lease terms.

It is the obligation of the lessee to actively develop and produce from its leases on Encana fee title lands and to ensure adherence to lease terms and obligations.

Information about Encana's Fee Lease Compliance Group, including contact information and links to commonly used forms and agreements can be found on this site.

Encana values its relationship with all of its lessees and strives for continued improvements in its Fee Lease Compliance program. From time to time changes are made to either processes or forms and we encourage lessees to revisit the site periodically as updates will be posted on the site.

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