Contractor safety management for contractors in Canada

We evaluate EH&S information and expectations with contractors online using safety prequalification systems, such as ISNetworld. To continue to contract or provide services to our Canadian operations, you must maintain a passing grade in ISNetworld. This website provides information and tools to help you use ISNetworld and work with us to continuously improve safety at our worksites.


Encana ISN requirements (Canada): Barb Rosko, 403.645.4375

ISNetworld technical support: 1.800.976.1303

Subscription and exemption criteria

As a general rule, all onsite contractors must maintain a passing grade in ISNetworld to be eligible for work at sites within our Canadian operations. Some contractors are not required to have an ISN subscription; check the exemption criteria before subscribing.

ISNetworld technical support, 1.800.976.1303

Frequently asked questions

How is your company scored?
Current weighting of criteria within ISNetworld is as follows:
Criteria Weighting
Management Systems Questionnaire (MSQ)   30%
Review and Verification System (RAVS) 35%
Certificate of Recognition (COR) 10%
Evaluations 25%

Your grade can also be affected by factors such as late filings or regulatory changes that are not reflected in your safety program. For routine work, a 'C' dashboard grade is the minimum requirement.

What information does Encana collect on ISNetworld?

To be eligible to work on our sites in Canada, all service providers (with a few exceptions, see exemption criteria) are required to maintain a passing grade in ISNetworld.

We require your ISNetworld reporting to include:

  • company profile
  • Management Systems Questionnaire (MSQ)
  • review of health and safety programs
  • verification of health and safety statistics
  • Certificate of Recognition from government or certified trade organization or other recognized body (if applicable)
  • Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) Clearance Letter
  • current WCB Rate Sheet

We also incorporate Environment, Health and Safety field evaluations and spot checks into ISN grades. Combined desktop evaluations and real world performance of your company evaluations ensure an accurate and complete picture is captured.

My company only does a small amount of work for Encana. Do I need an ISNetworld subscription?
Yes, we looked at a number of factors, including risk and amount of work performed, to determine who needs to complete these requirements. In some very limited circumstances, you may not need a subscription. Check the exemption criteria.
How does prequalification help improve safety at Encana?

Prequalification tools support communication between producers and contractors, which is key to maintaining strong, respectful working relationships, injury-free worksites and business continuity. They ensure basic requirements are maintained by everyone on our sites before the work begins.

Prequalification helps all of us feel confident in the integrity of our worksites. These tools are common in the natural gas industry in North America, with hundreds of producers and tens of thousands of contractor companies using them to manage their record keeping needs, reduce internal administration costs and improve reporting.

In Canada, this system is ISNetworld and in the United States the system is PEC Premier.

Why does the contractor have to pay a subscription fee?
We believe that it is fair to share part of the cost of demonstrating safety pre-qualification status with its onsite contractors. The fee is nominal. One fee allows your company to be connected to an unlimited number of clients (there are over 125 clients like Encana who use ISNetworld).
How do I get trained to use ISNetworld?
Initial training and setup is provided by ISNetworld. Your subscription includes access to 24-hour online support and live customer service associates from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central Time.
How do I establish or get technical help with my ISNetworld subscription?
For assistance contact ISNetworld online at or toll free by phone at 1.800.976.1303.

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