Using Komie Road

Attention: How information regarding Komie road is distributed is currently being evaluated and this page is currently not in active use. Please call 1-250-233-8265 for any inquires on access to Komie Road.

Conditions on Komie road

Conditions on other Encana Operated roads

The road may at times be closed to accommodate oversize or overweight loads. Check the road use calendar to help plan your trip.

  • Reservations

    Non-industrial use of Komie Road does not require a reservation. Road restrictions and closures apply.

    To help ensure oversize or overweight moves are completed safely and on time a confirmed Encana Roads Oversize/Overweight Reservation is required 72 hours prior to your arrival at the Komie Road access point.

    Industrial moves that are not oversize or overweight (less than 12.6 feet wide (3.8 m), less than 82 feet long (25 m), and less than 64,000 kilograms) do not require a reservation but should notify the Komie Road logistics office in advance of travel.

    To complete an oversize/overweight reservation for Komie Road travel:

    1. Check the availability of your preferred travel dates in the road use calendar before completing the online reservation form.
    2. Ensure your Oversize/Overweight Reservation is confirmed at least 72 hours before your arrival at the Komie Road access point. This will provide the logistics team and other carriers with valuable information to ensure a smooth transition onto the road and efficient travel for all road users. Contact the logistics office by email at or phone to confirm your reservation.
    3. Please arrive one hour prior to your scheduled appointment at the Komie Road access point. Report changes of estimated arrival time to the logistics office via email or phone at least 24 hours prior to your arrival so alternate access times can be arranged. Alternate access times cannot be guaranteed depending on traffic volumes and time of day.
    4. Radio transmission and location call outs will be required and use of designated turnout area must be used should you encounter traffic or have mechanical delays.
    5. Returning from site requires carriers to follow the same process if the load is still oversize or overweight. If the unit is within regular dimensions then travel will not be restricted unless the road is closed for inbound traffic.
  • Driving directions
  • Required equipment

    The following items in good working condition must be carried on all carrier equipment. Items must be used when the situation warrants, or when requested by a road supervisor:

    • minimum two sets of double tire chains
    • road flares and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be worn when outside of the vehicle
    • radio service to access Encana frequency
    • Telus cell phone connection (limited range for alternate service suppliers)
    • manufacturer-approved tow hooks front and rear
    • oversize or overweight load markings, beacons and securement as required by the B.C. Ministry of Transportation
    • first aid kit
    • fire extinguisher
  • Road safety

    Posted speed limits, driving directions and precautions, and the following road travel instructions must be adhered to at all times. Routine inspection of loads and equipment will be performed at various checkpoints Encana may establish. Those found in violation will not be allowed access to the road until violations are corrected to the satisfaction of Encana’s Komie Road logistics team.

    Be prepared

    • ensure your vehicle has plenty of fuel and a good spare tire
    • study of road maps highlighting steep grades, narrow sections and turnout locations is recommended prior to departure
    • pickup trucks must have four-wheel drive during winter months
    • all trucks over one ton must use tire chains during winter months and when road is wet

    Be aware

    • public and commercial vehicles without two-way radios can be encountered at any time; this may also include hunters and other recreational users
    • watch for wildlife at all times
    • limited visibility on hills; stay as far as possible to the right hand side of the road
    • roads can be very slippery during winter and dusty in summer; use caution on potentially slippery corners during the winter months
    • operators must keep safe distance front and rear to ensure adequate time to control traffic and access turnouts

    Rules of the road

    • narrow road sections and bridge approach areas must be controlled and clear of traffic prior to loads moving forward
    • maximum speed limit is 75 km/hour under ideal road conditions
    • maximum speed when using tire chains is 40 km/hour
    • no u-turns; drive to the next safest intersection or turnout before turning around
    • no stopping on roadway at any time; if you must stop, use roadside turnouts for mechanical failure or traction related issues
    • oncoming loaded traffic has the right of way at all times
    • report all incidents or road hazards to the Komie Road logistics office at for assistance
  • Radio communication
    • radio frequency from km 0 - km 53 of Komie Road is Encana Channel 2 frequency 152.0600
    • at km 53 and beyond use Encana Channel 5 frequency 154.2500
    • for Geetla Road (from Komie Road intersection km 53) use Encana Channel 4 frequency 153.6500

    Terminology used on two-way radios when travelling on logging roads:

    • "Empty" refers to vehicles that are travelling from one point to another as the kilometre marker numbers increase.
      For example: "Empty pickup, km 4 on the Komie Road."
    • "Loaded" refers to vehicles that are travelling from one point to another as the kilometre marker numbers decrease.
      For example: "Loaded pickup, km 4 on the Komie Road."
    • "Both ways" refers to two vehicles travelling in opposite directions at the same kilometre marker.
      For example: "Both ways, km 4 on the Camp Road."
  • Pilot vehicles

    Pilot vehicles must meet B.C. Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure (MoTI) standards.

  • Road use agreements

    Please ensure that a Road Use Agreement (RUA) is in place with Encana. If you do not have an RUA please email for details and instructions to obtain an RUA.

  • Public travel

    Non-industrial use of Komie Road does not require a reservation. Road restrictions and closures apply.

  • Towing and recovery

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