Land negotiation contacts

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Canada Mineral Land

Name Title/location Phone number
Brian Weston Vice-President, Mineral Land 403.645.5421
Melody Jameus Assistant 403.645.7659

Central Operations Mineral Land

Name Title/location Phone number
John Knox Director, Central Operations Land Negotiation 403.645.5613
Ian Welwood Senior Land Negotiator, Duvernay South 403.645.6853
Sean Weld Land Negotiator, Duvernay North 403.645.5036
Brett Suchan Land Negotiator, Duvernay 403.645.4592
Crystal Pomedli Senior Land Negotiator, Bighorn 403.645.4775
David Bell Land Negotiator, Bighorn 403.645.5071
Justin Calon Manager, Clearwater Land Negotiation 403.645.6367
Lindsay Kopperson Senior Land Negotiator, Clearwater North 403.645.4378
Sylvia Castonguay Land Negotiator, Clearwater North 403.645.3916
Cody Parrish Land Negotiator, Clearwater South 403.645.6061

Northern Operations Mineral Land

Name Title/location Phone number
Mary Grant Director, Northern Operations Land Negotiation 403.645.3932
Joanna Wynn Senior Land Negotiator, Dawson North & South BC 403.645.3675
Ryan Gillen Land Negotiator, Cutbank Ridge 403.645.3239
Jeff Collins Senior Land Negotiator, Peace River Arch AB 403.546.3376
Ryan Annesley Land Negotiator, Peace River Arch AB 403.645.2108
Greg Andrusiak Land Negotiator, Horn River & Tumbler Ridge 403.645.7816

Exploration & New Plays Mineral Land

Name Title/location Phone number
Rob D'Adamo Director, Exploration Land Negotiation 403.645.2534
Marco Oliverio Senior Land Negotiator, Exploration 403.645.3356

US Land Negotiation

Name Title/location Phone number
Rick Gallegos Vice-President & Chief, Land Negotiations 720.876.5865
April Jackson Administrative Assistant 720.876.3762

Southern Operations

Name Title/location Phone number
Nancy McCaskell Director, Southern Operations Land Negotiation 720.876.3537
Kit Akers Manager, San Juan Land Negotiation 720.876.5123
Helen Capps Manager, TMS/Haynesville Land Negotiation 720.876.3644

Western Operations

Name Title/location Phone number
Connie Heath Director, Western Operations Land Negotiation 720.876.3551
Jessica Sellyei Manager, Piceance Land Negotiation 720.876.5755
Annette Hoover Manager, DJ Basin Land Negotiation 720.876.3978

Land Administration

Name Title/location Phone number
Sandi Jackson Director, Land Administration 720.876.3617
Nancy Milburn Manager, Lease Records 720.876.3650
Rhea Hiemstra Manager, Division Orders 720.876.3643

Exploration & New Plays

Name Title/location Phone number
Tricia Di Grappa Senior Land Negotiator 720.876.3108

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