Encana Community Scholarship - How to Apply

All student applications must be submitted online. This reduces paper usage and allow us to track your application. An electronic copy of your completed application will be sent to your counselor's office for review by the selection committee. Deadline for submission is Wednesday April 15, 2015.

Getting started

  1. Review our Encana Community Scholarship page to see if you meet the eligibility criteria before you apply.
  2. Collect the information you will need to complete the application, such as:
    • expected post-secondary program information
    • community involvement activity information
    • extracurricular activity information
    • academic award information
    • community, academic and work references if applicable
    • other supplementary materials such as transcript and resume
  3. Go to the online form.
  4. Log in and create a password for your account:
    • after you log in, you will receive an email confirming your account information; please retain for future reference
    • complete all required fields on the form and attach supplementary materials
    • save your work and either submit the application immediately or save the application to submit later. Once submitted, your information cannot be changed. (please note: if your application is inactive for 120 days it will be automatically deleted from the system)

Apply now U.S.

After submitting

You will receive a confirmation by email with the subject line "Encana Community Scholarship Application Received". This email will include the contents of your application.

Note: Applications are collected by Encana and sent to the appropriate contacts at each individual school. The best candidate will be recommended by your school, however Encana reserves the right to make the final decision after completing a telephone interview with the student. Winning recipients will be notified as soon as possible and by writing in June.

For more information on Encana's Community Scholarship in the U.S., call 720.876.5290.


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