How to submit a request

Every year, we receive thousands of requests for funding. To ensure these requests move through our review process more efficiently, we have a convenient online application form. Community organizations should use the online form when sending funding requests to our Community Investment team.

The online application will:

  • streamline the process and make it easier for us to track your application
  • support our commitment to the environment by reducing paper usage
  • facilitate a more efficient response to your request because properly completed forms contain most of the information required for initial screening

Getting started

  1. Review our guidelines to see if your project, program or event falls within our funding priorities and our eligibility criteria.
  2. Review our frequently asked questions.
  3. Collect the information you will need to complete the application, such as:
    • legal organization name and address
    • contact name and address
    • tax status and identification numbers
    • mission statement
    • project title, description, primary objectives and expected outcomes
    • information on how outcomes will be evaluated
    • total cost and requested funding
    • other sources of funding
    • details on Encana's recognition
    • names of any Encana contacts
    • description of volunteer opportunities associated with the initiative
    • details of previous Encana funding
  4. Go to the online form.
  5. Log in and create a password for your account:
    • after you log in, you will receive an email confirming your account information; please retain for future reference
  6. Complete all required fields on the form and attach supplementary materials, if applicable.
  7. Save your work and either submit the application immediately or save the application to submit it later (please note: if your application is inactive for 120 days it will be automatically deleted from the system).

Apply now Canada

Apply now U.S.

After you submit your application

You will receive a confirmation by email with the subject line "funding request received". This email will include the contents of your application. You can log in to your account at any time using the password you chose and confirmed in the account information email.

Note: Proposals are reviewed on an ongoing basis. It can take up to six weeks for us to review your request. We appreciate your patience while we carefully review your request.

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