Natural gas and the economy

Natural gas is the clear energy choice in creating a secure and stable energy future. Technological advances in natural gas exploration and development mean we now have the ability to tap large amounts of gas that were previously out of reach.

The abundant supply of natural gas in Canada and the U.S. will:

  • last approximately 100 years based on current usage, and will continue to expand as new technologies make it possible to extract resources once believed to be unreachable
  • create new jobs; in 2008, natural gas contributed to the creation of nearly 3.4 million jobs and the generation of over $450 billion dollars in revenue within Canada and the U.S. alone
  • decrease North America's dependence on foreign oil; combined, Canada and the U.S. import approximately 45 percent of the crude oil they use - imported oil from OPEC countries results in over $160 billion leaving North America annually
  • reduce costs to the consumer by 20 to 30 percent when used as a transportation fuel

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