Benefits and uses of natural gas

Benefits and uses of natural gas

Natural gas is a versatile energy source. It has many applications in our daily lives including:

  • domestic uses like home heating and cooling, cooking, fuel for transportation
  • steam heat production
  • electrical generation
  • manufacturing and industrial uses like producing steel, glass, forest products, clothing, cement, fertilizer and petrochemicals
  • creating polyethylene polymers, which is the most widely used plastic

The natural gas industry has generated billions of dollars in revenue, created millions of jobs and as the cleanest burning fossil fuel, has the potential to reduce the harmful emissions generated by oil and coal. Abundant supplies of this domestic resource will provide a secure and stable energy future while reducing greenhouse gas emissions for generations to come.

We are taking a leading role in the expanded use and advocacy of natural gas, especially in the transportation and power generation sectors.

Benefits and uses of natural gas


Benefits and uses of natural gas
  • natural gas produces up to 65 percent fewer emissions than coal per kilowatt hour and 25 percent fewer emissions than oil


Average fuel prices* (gasoline litre equivalent, cents/litre)

Chart showing the average fuel prices: Compressed natural gas (CNG) at 75 cents per litre; Gasoline at 112 cents per litre; Diesel at 99 cents per litre; and Propane at 97 cents per litre.

Sources: Natural Resources Canada,,
*2010 Canadian December Average Price

  • natural gas is 20 percent to 30 percent more affordable than gasoline based on 2009 prices
  • on an energy-equivalent basis, abundant supplies of natural gas are available at less than half the price of a barrel of oil based on 2009 prices
  • natural gas fueling consists mostly of infrastructure costs and not the fuel itself, meaning stable and reliable prices at the pump


  • natural gas contributes to about 23 percent of the energy mix in Canada and the U.S. demonstrating the capacity is already in place for natural gas to meet our future energy needs
  • new drilling technologies have made enough domestically produced gas available to provide an estimated 100 years of supply in North America at current production rates
  • natural gas is truly a North American solution which employs nearly 3.4 million people and provides countless other benefits through royalties and taxes

Energy mix and emissions by sources: U.S. + Canada

Benefits and uses of natural gas

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