Taking care of our people


In 2009, the world faced a pandemic with the H1N1 virus. Governments around the globe and the World Health Organization worked together to monitor and respond to the spread of the virus. Encana staff were not immune to the impacts of this pandemic.

The processes, policies and practices that we already had in place helped to ensure that all staff continued to work in a safe and healthy environment. Even with our solid policies and practices, staff had concerns. Should I come to work if I get sick? What if someone in my family is ill? Should I get the H1N1 flu shot? How will I get extra work done if my colleagues are sick?

So we created a team dedicated to managing the H1N1 situation. The team was comprised of representatives from human resources, employee health and safety and communications. They identified risks to our staff and to our operations, kept us informed of what was happening, and developed contingency plans for a possible H1N1 pandemic. An internal website was created with the latest news about what we were doing at Encana and helpful links to resources.

It all starts with our staff - the people who strive to do the right thing every day -- Encana's efforts during this pandemic helped to ensure staff continued to excel in a safe and healthy workplace.

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