Greater Sierra

Greater Sierra is a resource play located in northeast British Columbia. The focus in this area is on the continued development of the Devonian aged Horn River shales. In 2012 Encana drilled approximately six net wells in the area.

As of December 31, 2012, Encana controlled 818,000 gross undeveloped acres (728,000 net acres) in the Jean Marie formation and approximately 259,000 gross undeveloped acres (222,000 net acres) in the Horn River Basin. Horn River Basin shales (Muskwa, Otter Park and Evie) within Encana’s focus area are upwards of 500 feet thick. These formations have been evaluated with approximately 125 gross wells (14 vertical and 111 horizontal), 87 of which have been placed on long-term production (one vertical and 86 horizontal). Encana has owned gas processing capacity of approximately 625 MMcf/d at various facilities in the area.

In October 2012, the commissioning and expansion of the Cabin natural gas processing plant in British Columbia was suspended. Encana currently has processing commitments related to two planned phases of the Cabin plant. Encana’s commitment related to the first phase of the plant will be transferred to a third party under a signed agreement expected to close in the first quarter of 2013.

Greater Sierra production

After Royalty production

Natural Gas (MMcf/d) Oil & NGLs (Mbbls/d)
2012 2011 2012 2011
200 260 0.5 0.8

ECA stock price

TSX $25.64 Can 1.110

NYSE $23.26 USD 0.930

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