Wyoming - Normally Pressured Lance (NPL)

Encana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc. ("Encana USA") has begun the Environmental Impact Study (EIS) process for a new natural gas development project called the Normally Pressured Lance (NPL) area in southwest Wyoming.

To ensure potential development in the area is safe, environmentally responsible and economically viable, Encana USA's EIS process includes extensive consultation with stakeholders including the public, local and state governments, regulators, and environmental and business groups. Working together, our goal is to achieve responsible energy development and maintain local jobs.

Through this website, focus groups, document reviews and other methods, information will be available and your on-going input will be sought to help shape our potential development of the NPL.


A thorough EIS can be completed in three years, however, a variety of factors can negatively impact the timeline and extend it to seven years.

As our drilling activity in the Jonah field is expected to wind down between 2013 and 2016 it makes good business sense to shift the existing workforce and equipment to the neighboring NPL area. This requires the EIS be completed in the same time frame.

Completing the EIS and securing a Record of Decision from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) within this three-year time frame will allow a seamless transfer of our activities to the NPL without loss of jobs and tax revenue in Wyoming, or interruption to our business and capital planning programs.

We acknowledge that the EIS process is challenging and that the BLM and cooperating agencies are under great pressure to ensure this process is thorough and defensible. Encana USA is committed to open and transparent support of the process, ensuring that it's done in a thorough and timely manner.

Timeline phases

Phase 1 Consultation and communication

  • launch Operator Committed Practice Advisory Council to provide input and make additional suggestions to our Operator Committed Practices for the NPL
  • communicate project updates and information through website and other materials and channels
  • informational presentations, focus groups and consultations with:
    • community groups
    • government/regulatory bodies
    • environmental and other stakeholders

Phase 2 Scoping period

  • with publication of our Notice of Intent in the Federal Register, the BLM in turn will likely create an EIS timeline
  • details of BLM process finalized and published

Phase 3 Draft EIS

The draft EIS is made available to the public for a minimum of 45 days for review and comment. The availability of the draft EIS is announced in a Federal Register notice and in press releases. The draft includes proposed actions/alternatives that could potentially impact the timeline.

Phase 4 Public comment period and final EIS

The completion of the draft EIS is announced in the Federal Register through a Notice of Availability. This notice includes specific information about the public comment period, including a time frame, locations of public meetings and information about how comments may be submitted. Public participation associated with the Draft EIS is administered by the BLM.

After the public comment period, a final EIS is prepared. This document includes descriptions of public comments and indicates how they were addressed in the final EIS. A Notice of Availability is posted in the Federal Register announcing the completion of the final EIS and a BLM recommendation for the proposed project, including potential alternatives for Encana USA to consider.

NPL Operator Committed Practices Committee

We believe that the people who live and work near our developments deserve to have a say in their own future. That's why we established the NPL Operator Committed Practices (OCP) Committee.

The OCP committee, made up of 16 area residents representing all different points of view, made 151 recommendations to Encana USA about how to reduce impacts in the planned NPL natural gas field.

From protecting the environment to boosting local economies, the work of the OCP committee will have a lasting benefit to the people and communities of Wyoming. Review their recommendations.

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