Normally Pressured Lance (NPL) FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions about the NPL project area, the Environmental Impact Study (EIS) process and Encana USA's activities.

What is the NPL?
The Normally Pressured Lance (NPL) area is made up of 141,080 acres of land in southwest Wyoming. The field is located immediately south and west of the existing Jonah field where natural gas has been developed for many years.
What are Encana USA's plans for the NPL project area?
Based on today's technology the NPL has an expected 30-year life. We currently hold mineral leases on more than 70 percent of the NPL area and operating right on over 85 percent of the area. Approximately 70 producing natural gas wells have been drilled within the project area.
How can southwest Wyoming benefit from a timely EIS process in the NPL?

Completing the EIS and reaching a decision on Encana USA's natural gas development proposal within three years allows for the seamless transition of jobs, tax revenue and business investment as exploration and drilling in the neighbouring Jonah field winds down. This time frame also does afford Encana USA efficient operational planning and development.

The project has the potential to keep over 700 drilling and completions workers employed for 10 years and another 175+ lease/lead operators employed for 30 years.

What environmental issues will the NPL EIS look at?

The EIS examines the entire area and considers our operational practices and potential impacts to the environment, communities and economy. It may make recommendations to enhance Encana USA's plans around:

  • air quality
  • water
  • surface impact and vegetation
  • livestock and grazing
  • cultural resources
  • wildlife
  • socio-economic impacts
  • protection of the sage grouse
  • other issues as needed
What does Encana USA do to minimize potential impacts of natural gas development on the environment?
  • supports and participates fully in the EIS process
  • builds on existing infrastructure, area knowledge and technology with industry best practices such as:
    • directional drilling on multi-well pads
    • three-phase gathering system with electric compression and no more than 11 regional gathering facilities
    • vapor recovery and tank load out vapor capture
    • blow down controls
    • direct inspection and maintenance program
How can citizens participate in the EIS process?

Encana USA is committed to responsible development and we want to hear from you to understand your concerns, answer your questions, and facilitate your input into the EIS.

Submit a question or comment about development of the NPL and the EIS process directly to Encana USA by contacting Encana USA Community Relations at 1.866.896.6371 or by email at

Watch for opportunities for participation in the public EIS process to be posted at or advertised in local media.

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