We are committed to responsibly developing our resources in a way that improves operational performance while mitigating impacts to water, air and land. Our approach to environmental stewardship is multi-faceted, and includes risk awareness, minimizing environmental impacts and ensuring sound environmental performance throughout the lifecycle of an asset. Throughout our operations, our staff are expected to minimize, manage, monitor, track and inventory environment-related issues. We are then able to address these risks through targeted innovation and collaboration.


Learn how we strive to reduce the emissions intensity and increase the energy efficiency of our operations.

Encana air quality


Learn how we work to minimize surface disturbance through effective planning and responsible development.

Limiting impacts to the land

Water use and hydraulic fracturing

Learn how we take a responsible approach to the sourcing, use, transport and disposal of water in our operations.

Limiting impacts to water

Environmental Innovation Fund

The mandate of our Environmental Innovation Fund is to make investments in projects that economically improve the environmental performance of the natural gas sector through developing and implementing innovative technology.

Learn about the fund

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