Encana named to 2012 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations list

Encana has again been named to Corporate Knights Magazine's Global 100 World Leaders in Clean Capitalism list, which was officially unveiled in Davos, Switzerland on January 25, 2012. Based on its 2011 environmental, social and governance performance, Encana ranked 76th overall, and is one of only six Canadian companies included on the 2012 Global 100 list.

"Encana believes in creating shareholder value through our commitment to corporate responsibility," explains Stacey Schorr, Corporate Responsibility Lead for Encana. "Long-term value for our shareholders is impacted by environmental, social and governance factors and we are continuously working to integrate best practices in responsible development into our operations."

The objective of the Global 100 list is to highlight global corporations which have been most proactive in managing environmental, social and governance issues. Analysis for the Global 100 is based on the work of four sustainability research providers: Corporate Knights, Global Currents, Inflection Point Capital Management and Phoenix Global Advisors LLC (Phoenix).

The Global 100 list is created using a two-step process. The "Global 400 Sustainability leaders" are selected by Phoenix Global Advisors from a universe of 3,500 developed and emerging market stocks, based on their integrated sustainability ratings from the world's largest sustainability research consortium, The Global Sustainability Research Alliance, and on their performance on a financial stress test administered by Global Currents. The Global 400 Sustainability leaders are then passed to Corporate Knights, who ranks the companies against their industry peers on 11 key performance indicators, ranging from resource productivity to executive compensation and employee turnover.

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