Our strategy


At our core

Critical building blocks, these core competencies — our pillars — differentiate Encana from our competitors.

Supported by a strong balance sheet, these pillars are critical building blocks of a strategy focused on delivering profitable growth and realizing our vision of being North America’s leading resource play company.

  • Top Tier Assets

    We will always be on the lookout for the best rocks and we will work to identify a limited number of core growth assets characterized by high returns, scale and running room. Our strategy is centered on diversifying our commodity mix and growing value in top tier assets.

  • Capital Allocation

    A highly disciplined, dynamic and centrally controlled capital allocation program will ensure that we are directing our investment dollars in a manner that is consistent with our strategy. By concentrating capital on our core growth plays, we believe we can generate the most value for our shareholders.

  • Market Fundamentals

    We will actively monitor and manage the effects of market volatility and ensure that we can respond to the ever-changing trade winds inherent in the oil and gas business. Leveraging our industry leading commodity market expertise to inform our capital allocation decisions is critical to both managing risk and maximizing margins.

  • Operational Excellence

    Operational excellence is one of Encana’s strengths and we will continuously work to maintain this competitive advantage. We strive to increase profitability by running our operations in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. Our best-in-class operators will focus on efficiency, safety and integrated and collaborative thinking in order to maximize value across our asset base.

  • Balance Sheet Strength

    Underpinning these four core competencies is balance sheet strength. Maintaining financial flexibility and investment grade credit ratings are an important part of how we think about managing our business. Balance sheet strength allows us to capitalize on opportunities as they arise and demonstrates the sustainability of our business model through commodity cycles.

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Lead the Industry

To be the leading North American Resource Play company.

We will consistently deliver strong operational and financial results by finding and developing high-quality resource plays in North America and operating in those plays more efficiently than our competitors.

High-Quality Rocks / Scale and Running Room / Operations Excellence / Portfolio Optionality


Disciplined Focus on Profitable Growth

Investing in high-value assets to maximize cash flow.

We will value profitability over production volumes and focus our investment on a limited number of core growth plays that have scale and running room. We will continuously optimize the performance of our base production while relentlessly driving efficiency and reducing costs. We will unlock value from our massive resource base to build a portfolio of oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids that provides us with a range of high margin investment options through commodity price cycles.

Capital to Core Growth Assets / Acceleration of Oil and Liquids Growth Opportunities / Reduce Costs and Drive Efficiency


Grow Shareholder Value

Our measure of success will be growing cash flow per share throughout the commodity price cycle.

We will do this by executing on our strategy, remaining disciplined and delivering strong results. Operational excellence is a critical factor in delivering cash flow growth and sustained profitability.

Sustainable Business Model / Cash flow Per Share Growth / Investment Grade Credit Rating / Strong Balance Sheet and Dividend Paying

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