Resource play hub

Our resource play hub model strives to reduce operating and capital costs while continually improving operating efficiencies to maximize the margins realized on every single natural gas molecule produced. Implemented across our entire North American asset portfolio, the resource play hub is an innovative and efficient production model tailor-made to reduce natural gas production costs and environmental impacts.

Horizontal multi-well pad

Layout of a resource play hub
  • What is a resource play hub?

    A resource play hub is created when multiple deviated or horizontal wells are simultaneously drilled, completed, tied in and produced from a single surface location, or well pad. This allows us and our service providers to optimize every part of the process.

    As a culture, it encourages teams to continuously improve and innovate while sharing their knowledge with other teams, so that we collectively learn in parallel and at an accelerated pace.

  • What is the goal of the resource play hub model?

    Regardless of the different geological and surface features of a resource play the goal of the resource play model remains unchanged: per unit cost reduction, a focus on efficiency gains and further innovation combined with minimal surface disturbance.

    The resource play hub toolbox includes fit-for-purpose drilling and hydraulic fracturing equipment, standardized processes, new technology innovation, peer reviews and vendor contracts aligned with efficiency gains. How a resource play hub ultimately operates, or even looks, varies depending on the unique geological and above ground features existing at each of our plays.

    Resource play methodology
  • How do resource play hubs improve environment and safety performance?

    This disciplined method means rig and hydraulic fracturing crews need only travel a short distance from task to task, while supplies can be delivered in bulk to centralized resource play hub locations. The net result is enhanced environmental and safety performance markers - reduced vehicle traffic and emissions, less movement of fluids and chemicals, suppression of dust - which, when taken together, demonstrate the resource play hub's importance in maintaining our social license to operate. In the North Louisiana operating area, to cite one example, driving and injury risk has been reduced by 83 and 66 percent, respectively, for drilling and completions activities due to decreased heavy truck trips.

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