Contractor connection

Encana relies on numerous suppliers, contractors and consultants (“Suppliers”) to provide the equipment, supplies and services that our offices and operations need in order to support our activities. Encana sources products and services both globally and locally and we target those suppliers who consistently provide the best value to Encana.

We expect all current and potential suppliers to be familiar with and uphold the same corporate values and practices as our employees. For more information on our operational practices, company policies, guidelines, insurance, liability and equipment standards, please review our “Expectations and Practices” at and click on the “Contractor Connection” tab.

Our top priorities remain safety, cost competitiveness and quality service. We are focused on costs, efficiencies and streamlining our processes to ensure competitiveness in our operating areas.

Encana requires that all potential suppliers enter into one of Encana’s standard form agreements. These agreements contain the terms and conditions that govern the relationship between Encana and those that do business with us.

Suppliers who meet our standards are invited to contact Encana regarding business opportunities with us. Formal contracts or agreements will be discussed once suitability of service is determined. Please note that having a master service agreement with Encana does not guarantee work with Encana.

Potential suppliers of goods and services to Encana with a solid business case or opportunity must demonstrate this to an Encana Sponsor (Business Leader). Be specific about the service being provided so you can connect with the appropriate Encana representative, who will need to sponsor you.

The following steps and criteria are required to become a supplier to Encana:

  • All suppliers of materials and/or services require an Encana Sponsor. The Sponsor will:
    • assess the business need for goods or services being offered
    • initially assess the ability to meet need for cost competitiveness, safety and efficiency
    • complete a supplier set-up request and submit this to our Contracts group
  • before providers are added, the Senior Manager will review the business opportunity and assess its competitiveness
  • Encana will then issue a contract package to the Supplier for completion. This package will include Encana’s Master Agreement and for field-based service providers, may include a request for further information such as: insurance, worker’s compensation, alcohol and drug requirements (US) and safety pre-qualification through an ISNetworld.
  • ISNetworld is an on-line database used by Encana to evaluate a supplier’s written safety program and corresponding documentation
  • Encana will review all information and compliance documentation to determine if the information provided meets Encana’s criteria
  • once approved, the final contract documentation will be sent to the Supplier for execution
  • Suppliers will be required to participate in electronic invoicing (Open Invoice) during the contract set-up process. Support will be provided as necessary from Encana’s e-Invoicing support team.
  • To express interest in working for Encana, please complete our Supplier Contact Questionnaire.

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