Service Provider Management

One of the methods we use at Encana to strengthen our overall Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) performance is through consistent service provider prequalification. To assist with this, Encana uses a tool called ISNetworld.

Service providers requiring a subscription are referred to as “ISN Required”. These service providers are (generally) individuals and companies who deliver products or perform work at any of our field locations without an Encana escort present. Encana has specific criteria for ISN Required service providers who must maintain a passing grade in ISNetworld to continue working for us. Note: Enrollment in ISN and/or meeting Encana eligibility requirements does not imply a guarantee for work.

** Please note: A valid Encana master service agreement (most often MSA or MSSA) is required prior to your ISN account being connected to Encana. Please see the Contracts/Agreements portion of this website for further details.

Once the agreement setup has been initiated, your ISNetworld account will be connected. Service providers shall have a passing grade prior to the start of work and maintain a passing grade while working for Encana. There is no grace period or exception to this requirement without prior written approval by Encana.

ISN-Required service providers will be required to provide the following information in ISNetworld. This list is subject to change and may vary depending on your country of work. 

  • Company profile
  • Management Systems Questionnaire (MSQ)
  • Review of Health and Safety programs (RAVS)
  • Quarterly health and safety statistics
  • Proof of valid commercial insurance (specified in the master agreement)
  • Proof of valid workers compensation coverage (Canada only)
  • Acknowledgement of Encana’s Service Provider Expectations Manual
  • Enrollment in an Encana approved drug and alcohol program (US Only)

A service provider’s ISNetworld grade is based upon the data they provide, as well as the information collected in Encana evaluations and inspections; all of which are measured against Encana’s grading criteria. A “C” dashboard grade in ISNetworld is the minimum requirement.


Encana Service Provider Primary Support: –  or 1-720-876-5422
ISN can be contacted by phone at 800-976-1303 or by email at

DISA: (800) 752-6432

NCMS: 620-669-0954


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