Service Provider Management for EH&S

One of the methods we use at Encana to strengthen our overall Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) performance is through consistent service provider prequalification. To assist with this, Encana uses a tool called ISNetworld.

Service providers requiring a subscription are referred to as “ISN Required”. These service providers are (generally) individuals and companies who deliver products or perform work at any of our field locations without an Encana escort present. Encana has specific criteria for ISN Required service providers who must maintain a passing grade in ISNetworld to continue working for us. If you are uncertain as to the requirement for a subscription, please contact one of the resources below. Note: Enrollment in ISN and/or meeting Encana eligibility requirements does not imply a guarantee for work.

** Please note: A valid Encana master service agreement (most often MSA or MSSA) is required prior to your ISN account being connected to Encana. Please see the Contracts/Agreements portion of this website for further details.

Once a valid agreement is received by Encana, your ISNetworld account will be connected. Service providers shall have a passing grade prior to the start of work, and maintain a passing grade while working for Encana. There is no grace period or exception to this requirement without prior written approval by Encana.

ISN Required service providers will be required to provide the following information in ISNetworld. This list is subject to change and may vary depending on your country of work.

  • Company profile
  • Management Systems Questionnaire (MSQ)
  • Review of Health and Safety programs (RAVS)
  • Quarterly health and safety statistics
  • Proof of valid commercial insurance (specified in the master agreement)
  • Proof of valid workers compensation coverage

A service provider’s ISNetworld grade is based upon the data they provide, as well as the information collected in Encana evaluations and inspections; all of which are measured against Encana’s grading criteria. A “C” dashboard grade in ISNetworld is the minimum requirement.


Encana Service Provider Primary Support: Debbie Knight, 720.876.3683
Encana Service Provider Secondary Support: Kimberly Wright, 720.876.5810
ISNetworld Technical Support: 1.800-976.1303

Frequently asked questions

  • My company only does a small amount of work for Encana. Do I need an ISNetworld subscription?

    Yes, we looked at a number of factors, including risk and amount of work performed, to determine who needs to complete these requirements. In some very limited circumstances, you may not need a subscription. If you are uncertain as to whether a subscription is required, please contact:

    USA and Canadian requirements: Debbie Knight, 720.876.3683

  • Why does the service provider have to pay a subscription fee?

    We believe that it is fair to share the cost of demonstrating safety prequalification status with its onsite service providers. The fee is nominal. One fee allows your company to be connected to an unlimited number of clients.

  • Who is going to train me on using the system?

    ISN has an entire team dedicated to training and answering service providers' questions. ISN provides unlimited help desk support at no cost, 24 hour online support, and live customer service associates from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central Time. You can reach them through their website at, by email at or by calling them directly at 800.976.1303.

  • How is your company scored?

    Encana uses a blend of weighted criteria, including, but not limited to the MSQ, RAVs, evaluations, etc. For questions regarding your score, contact:

    USA and Canadian requirements: Debbie Knight, 720.876.3683

    A “C” dashboard grade is the minimum requirement.

  • How does prequalification help improve safety at Encana?

    Prequalification tools support communication between producers and service providers, which is key to maintaining strong, respectful working relationships, injury-free worksites and business continuity. They ensure basic requirements are maintained by everyone on our sites before the work begins.

    Prequalification helps all of us feel confident in the integrity of our worksites. These tools are common in the natural gas industry in North America, with hundreds of producers and tens of thousands of contractor companies using them to manage their record keeping needs, reduce internal administration costs and improve reporting.

  • How do I establish or get technical help with my ISNetworld subscription?

    For assistance contact ISNetworld online at or toll free by phone at 1.800.976.1303.

  • Why does Encana use ISNetworld?

    Encana has identified several advantages to using ISNetworld and is requiring its contractors to use it. We carefully evaluated the implications of requiring our contractors to subscribe to ISNetworld and in so doing learned that this management tool has become increasingly common in the petrochemical, biopharma and manufacturing industries in North America.

  • How long will the training and set-up take and what does it involve?

    After payment is processed by ISN, you will receive login information, allowing you to register for your initial training at Available training times are viewable online through your ISNetworld account. ISN Customer Service will also contact you to assist with registration. You will need telephone and internet access for this training, which typically lasts one hour.

  • How quickly can I be trained on the use of ISNetworld?

    ISN offers multiple Webcast trainings a day. You have the ability to view available trainings in your account once payment is received. If your desired time is not available, you can contact ISN directly to discuss further options.

  • How do I contact ISN?

    ISN can be contacted by phone at 800.976.1303 or by email at

  • Do I get any other benefits with my subscription?

    A complete list of benefits can be found at

  • How do I establish my subscription?

    You can initiate registration online by going to and clicking on "Become a Member". You may also contact ISN at 800.976.1303 to establish your company's subscription.

  • What are Encana's ISNetworld requirements?

    For information on Encana's requirements, contact ISN at 800.976.1303.

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