Contracts / agreements

We require all potential suppliers, contractors and service providers who provide goods or services to Encana enter into one of our standard form agreements. These agreements contain the terms and conditions that govern the relationship between Encana, on the one hand, and the contractor or service provider, on the other hand, and include what they must do or provide to Encana. Service Orders are used to initiate the procurement of specific goods and/or services, in accordance with the terms and conditions of standard form agreements. Service Orders are referenced within the Master Service and Supply Agreements (MSSAs) and they may be oral or written.

For example, there are specific provisions set for insurance and workers' compensation coverage that contractors and service providers must obtain and provide proof of when requested by Encana (usually on an annual basis). There are also specific requirements that pertain to quality standards, and to environment and safety. While the standard form agreements set out our minimum requirements, additional provisions may be agreed to that are tailored to specific circumstances.

To learn more about our business requirements, please read all of the policies and practices set out in the expectations and practices section of this website.

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