Land negotiation contacts

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Northern Operations Mineral Land

Name Title/location Phone number
Brian Weston Vice-President, Northern Land 403.645.5421
Beverly Pears Senior Administrative Assistant 403.645.4737
Mary Grant Director, Land Negotiation 403.645.3932
Ian Welwood Director, Land Negotiation 403.645.6853
Ryan Annesley Senior Land Negotiator, Joint Venture Partnerships 403.645.2108
Sean Weld Senior Land Negotiator, Duvernay 403.645.5036
Lindsay Kopperson Senior Land Negotiator, Dawson 403.645.4378
Joanna Wynn Senior Land Negotiator, Peace River Arch and Horn River 403.645.3675
Crystal Pomedli Senior Land Negotiator, Peace River Arch 403.645.4775
Sylvia Castonguay Land Negotiator, Duvernay 403.645.3916
David Bell Land Negotiator, Wheatland 403.645.5071
Natalie Gillespie Land Negotiator 403.645.3218

Mineral Land Asset Management

Name Title/location Phone number
Alistair Anderson Director, Mineral Land Asset Management 403.645.4572

US Land Negotiation

Name Title/location Phone number
Mona Ables VP, U.S. Land 720.876.3557
Jennifer Peele Sr. Administrative Assistant 720.876.3102

Permian Operating Area

Name Title/location Phone number
John Knox Director, Land Negotiation 720.876.5965
Cynthia Owens Manager, Land Negotiation – Permian North 720.876.3696
Nathan Wolitarsky Manager, Land Negotiation – Permian South 720.876.5846

Western Operations

Name Title/location Phone number
Connie Heath Director, Land Negotiation 720.876.3551
Annette Hoover Manager, Land Negotiation – Eagle Ford 720.876.3978

Surface Land

Name Title/location Phone number
Jonathan Wente Director, Surface Land 720.876.3171
Colt Campbell Manager, Land Operations 720.876.6467

Exploration & New Plays

Name Title/location Phone number
Kit Akers Manager, Land Negotiation 720.876.5123

Land Administration

Name Title/location Phone number
Jessica Mulverhill Manager, Lease Records 720.876.5935
Diane Westerberg Manager, Division Orders 720.876.5818

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