New grads

Our new grad program focuses on developing professionals in key disciplines, including land, accounting, engineering, geology and geophysics. As a new grad you will develop a broad range of skills, knowledge, confidence and experience to grow as a leader and help us achieve our resource play strategy.

You can expect

  • a broad range of technical and business experiences to gain exposure to varied job functions, key assets, business processes, teams and a variety of leaders
  • a consistent development approach within the first three to four years of your career

Program components

Job rotations - new grads in various disciplines will rotate through different roles to experience different types of work, business units and leaders

Training and development - core and optional training varies with each job and discipline but will include:

  • technical training
  • business acumen (i.e., regulatory, safety, financial evaluations)
  • personal effectiveness

Mentorship and ongoing support - mentorship is an important part of development and our leaders acknowledge professional responsibility to help develop our new grads

Your career progression

We recruit new grads from our contingent of summer students. Those who demonstrate high performance are given first preference for new grad opportunities. After completing three to four years of development, move towards your chosen career path with longer-term assignments.

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