Frequently asked questions

When does Encana recruit for intern and New Grad positions?
Open positions can be found online from September to April. We do the majority of our hiring in the fall, but will continue recruiting in the spring as needed.
How do I apply for a position with Encana?
To be considered for an opportunity, please apply online. If you attend one of our targeted universities we ask that you apply to the posting both online and through your Campus Career Services Office.
Which universities will Encana visit this year?
Our Campus Events page lists the schools we'll be visiting.
Can I apply for a summer position even if Encana isn't recruiting at my university?
Absolutely! All of our postings can be found online and are open for anyone to apply.
If I am a U.S. student can I work in one of the Canadian offices?
Unfortunately we don't offer interns cross-border assignments.
What is the difference between Encana's New Grad program and internship program?
New Grad hires are considered full time hires with Encana and individuals must have completed their degree before starting at Encana. Interns are full-time students pursuing a degree and are hired temporarily for approximately three months in the summer. The internship program is called EXPLORE.
If I have to move to do my internship, will Encana help pay for my move?
Yes. To assist with moving costs we offer a cash stipend to those students who need to relocate for the summer to intern with us.
Are Encana's internships paid?
Yes. The pay rate is competitive and depends on discipline and education level.
Do students get the first and third Friday off each month?
Yes! All students working in the Denver office enjoy the first and third Friday off each month. Office students work 8.5 hours a day to earn their Fridays off. Field students work a shift schedule; each field location determines the schedule.
Are there any eligibility requirements to apply for an internship?
To be considered for an internship opportunity, you must be able to legally work in the U.S. and be currently enrolled as a full-time student in an applicable undergraduate or graduate program.

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