New Grad program

Encana's New Grad program is designed to provide New Grads high-quality exposure to various facets in their discipline early on in their career. The New Grad program helps ensure New Grads establish a solid foundation and path to success by developing a broad range of skills, knowledge, capabilities, confidence and expertise to fully understand the resource play strategy, execute with excellence and grow into future technical leaders.

Program objectives

  • provide a broad range of technical and business experiences
  • give New Grads the opportunity to gain exposure to varied job functions, key assets, business processes, teams and a variety of leaders
  • foster a solid and consistent development approach at the beginning of a career

Program components

Job rotations - New Grads in various disciplines will rotate through different roles to experience different types of work, business units and leaders.

Networking and collaboration - The ability to connect and network with others can have a tremendous impact on innovation and high performance, as well as employee growth and development. As such, Encana supports mentoring and coaching relationships, collaboration software, communities of practice and numerous other avenues to help students and employees build their professional networks.

Training - The objective is to build core capabilities that drive performance through a combination of classroom instruction, conferences, seminars and other various continuing education forums.

Core and optional training varies with each job and discipline but will typically include:

  • technical training
  • business acumen (i.e., regulatory, safety, financial, etc.)
  • leadership

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