I have never applied for a position at Encana before, where do I begin?
You can apply online at www.encana.com in the career section for jobs in Canada and the U.S. All candidates will be asked to complete a profile to help us best match one's qualifications and experience with business needs, both current and future.
How do I apply as a returning applicant?
By logging into your profile on the current opportunities page of the career section, you'll be able to apply to any other current opportunity that matches your skill set.
If I know someone who works at Encana, should I apply through that person directly as opposed to completing a candidate profile and submitting an application online?
All candidates should submit their applications through our online careers site.
Will I receive confirmation Encana has received my application?
You will receive email confirmation once you successfully submit your application online. Due to the high volume of employment inquiries received, mailed, faxed or unsolicited emailed resumes will not receive a response.
How can I learn the status of my application?
Immediately following successful submission of your online application, you will receive an online message confirming Encana's receipt of your resume. When you log into your profile, you will be able to view the active positions that you have applied to. Due to the volume of applications we receive, we are unable to respond to telephone inquiries about the status of your application.
What if I don't hear anything after submitting my resume?
We regret that we cannot contact every applicant personally due to the large volume of employment inquiries we receive. Only those being considered for an interview will be contacted. However, once you build a candidate profile we will retain your information for future opportunities. Please visit our website regularly to apply for available positions.
There is more than one position of interest to me. Do I need to apply for each one?
Yes, please apply for each position separately.
What do I do if my resume information has changed?
Having current information in our system is of the utmost importance to us as we consistently try to match qualifications and experience with business needs. Therefore, we encourage all candidates to visit our website regularly to apply for positions or to update their profile.
How often are job postings updated?
Jobs are posted as they become available. We encourage every applicant to take advantage of our frequent career alerts which will automatically be sent to you once a position becomes available that meets the criteria you establish. You can sign up for frequent career alerts by entering your search criteria and clicking on the "Create career Alert" tab.
I am interested in applying to Encana but there aren't any positions posted for someone with my background. Can I still submit my resume?
Absolutely! Please register on our careers site, build your candidate profile, and submit your application.
Do you hire international candidates?
Encana seeks to hire the best person for the position regardless of race, gender, age, or nationality. All individuals must possess a valid work visa for Canada or the U.S when applying for jobs in each country.
Do you have any summer employment opportunities?
Encana offers robust Internship and New Grad programs in both Canada and the U.S. Candidates are encouraged to apply early to avoid disappointment.

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