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A humpback whale with the Deep Panuke production platform in the background. The photo was taken from the Atlantic Condor, an offshore supply vessel for Deep Panuke.


At Encana, we believe strong environmental performance is a key indicator of success. At Deep Panuke, strong environmental performance both offshore and onshore is part of our daily operations.

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Onshore pipeline installation in Nova Scotia


At Encana, safety is one of our core values. With Deep Panuke in production, it is timely to review safety considerations for the onshore portion of the natural gas export pipeline.

Deep Panuke pipeline safety information

The natural gas pipeline for Deep Panuke is 176 kilometres long, stretching from the production platform offshore to where it meets up onshore with the Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline system at Goldboro, Nova Scotia.

The pipeline has undergone stringent pressure testing and commissioning to ensure safe operations. Pipeline pressure and flow will be constantly monitored as part of Deep Panuke operations.

Offshore, in water depths less than 85 metres, the pipeline is trenched and buried approximately one metre.

Onshore, the pipeline is buried approximately one metre below ground for its entire three kilometre length from landfall below Highway 316 at Goldboro, Nova Scotia to the terminus near the Sable Road. At road crossings, the depth of burial is about 1½ metres.

The onshore pipeline is located in a pipeline right of way which is 25 metres wide, and this is buffered by a National Energy Board (NEB) regulated safety zone of 30 metres on either side of the right of way, making a corridor 85 metres wide.

No excavation or construction activities can take place within this corridor without prior written permission and approval by Encana.

If activity is anticipated in the corridor, please contact the Encana office in Halifax at 1-902-422-4500 to obtain a copy of our onshore excavation guidelines. In the event of an emergency, signage has been erected all along the corridor indicating where to call.

As well, a no anchoring sign has been erected to notify mariners that a buried natural gas pipeline is in the Country Harbour nearshore area.

Read more about our approach to pipelines in The Canadian landowner's guide to pipelines.

What does the Deep Panuke export pipeline do?

The export pipeline transports natural gas from the Deep Panuke field offshore to market. The 22-inch diameter pipeline was made by welding together 14,200 sections of carbon steel pipe that each measured 12.2 metres in length. Concrete weight coating was then applied for the sections used offshore. The Deep Panuke export pipeline will transport up to 300 million standard cubic feet of natural gas per day. The gas will travel through the pipeline at 10 to 15 km/h.

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