Deep Panuke Producing Gas

Infrastructure: The Deep Panuke production field centre (PFC) off the coast of Nova Scotia is now producing natural gas.

The Deep Panuke pipeline makes landfall at Goldboro, Nova Scotia, winched to shore from the Lorelay pipe laying vessel.

The drilling program: The Rowan Gorilla III drilling rig prepared four wells for production and drilled the disposal well for hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide removed from Deep Panuke gas. Here the rig is being loaded in Halifax harbour prior to being towed to the field.

Production field centre (PFC) construction: The flare tower, which is approximately 100 metres tall, is shown here during construction in Pictou, Nova Scotia.

Production field centre transport to Nova Scotia: The PFC was loaded to a barge at the dry dock for transit to a heavy lift vessel. Here the PFC and barge are under tow to the vessel. Photo courtesy of SBM Offshore.

The subsea program: Sections of flowlines await loading at Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia. Once welded together, the flowlines are what will transport natural gas in the Deep Panuke field.

Deep Panuke produces and processes natural gas from the Deep Panuke field, located approximately 250 kilometres (155 miles) southeast of Halifax, Nova Scotia on the Scotian Shelf. Natural gas from Deep Panuke is processed offshore and transported, via subsea pipeline, to Goldboro, Nova Scotia for further transport to market via the Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline.

The photos above highlight various steps in the development of Deep Panuke. To see additional examples, please view the Deep Panuke newsletter (PDF).

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