Encana's best management practices for the Front Range of Colorado

Encana is committed to responsible development of oil and natural gas resources. Throughout our operations, we adhere to strict regulations and follow comprehensive operational practices to ensure safe and responsible development of energy resources.

Whether it's through the use of our comprehensive notification process, exceeding air emission control requirements on production equipment, or utilizing closed-loop drilling and completion technology, we're committed to a cycle of continuous improvement throughout our operations.

To demonstrate our continued commitment, Encana will utilize the following best management practices when operating within Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) designated high density residential areas along the Front Range of Colorado, including communities like the Town of Erie:

Consider our surroundings

We will maximize setbacks wherever feasible. In many cases, Encana exceeds the state standard of 350 feet. We will strive to find a balance between the wishes of the property owner and the intended use for the land, whether for farming or future residential/retail development.

Notify our neighbors

Before we commence any new drilling or completion activity, we will notify residents within one-half mile of the site in advance of our activity. We use an automated system that provides notification to our neighbors using the individual's medium of choice — such as phone, text or email. We also hold community meetings prior to municipal approval to share our development plans and address stakeholder concerns about specific locations.

Share location plans

Prior to commencement of any new drilling, we will provide to the appropriate local officials a summary site plan including approved access roads and a timeline of our proposed operations for posting to a local community web page.

Share our mitigation plans

Prior to commencement of any new drilling, we will provide to the appropriate local officials a mitigation plan detailing how we will seek to minimize noise, light and dust associated with our locations.

Participate in fluid disclosure

We are committed to sharing the liquid components of our hydraulic fracturing fluid, more than 99% of which is water and sand, on FracFocus.

Not use certain chemicals

We are committed to abiding by Encana's Responsible Products Program, in which we evaluate the hydraulic fracturing fluid products we use for safety, effectiveness and potential environmental impacts. As part of this program, Encana prohibits the use of any hydraulic fracturing fluid products containing diesel, 2-Butoxyethanol (2-BE) or benzene, and we have informed our suppliers that any product containing these additives cannot be used in our hydraulic fracturing operations.

Reduce traffic

We are committed to working closely with municipalities whenever feasible to identify a water resource near each location in an effort to reduce truck traffic.

Eliminate open earthen pits

We are committed to the use of closed-loop drilling and completion systems that eliminate the need to utilize open earthen pits.

Utilize emissions reduction technology

We are committed to utilizing the best available emissions control technology that will help us meet or exceed strict state and federal air quality standards.

Ensure containment

We will utilize steel berms (or barriers) around tanks as opposed to sand or soil berms.

Restore each location

We will provide an interim reclamation plan to provide to the appropriate local officials detailing the steps we plan to take to reclaim the location.

Strong governance depends upon the performance of our people, adherence to our policies and practices and, quite simply, supporting our team to do what is right. Encana is committed to conducting our operations and developing our resources in a manner that is environmentally and socially responsible. This approach ensures we are able to responsibly develop our resources. It means we measure, communicate and act on issues related to the environment, community, health and safety in a manner that is proactive, responsive and minimizes impacts.

We believe our high density operations best management practices demonstrate in action our commitment to responsible development.

For more information, contact USA Community Relations at 866.897.6371 or send an email.

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