Breaking bread builds communities

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Encana has teamed with the Breakfast Club of Canada to provide healthy breakfasts in four schools in our operating communities.


Many children start their days without a breakfast, the most important meal of the day.

To help tackle this problem in three of the communities where Encana operates, we’ve partnered with The Breakfast Club of Canada in Dawson Creek, Wembley, and Rocky Mountain House to provide nourishing breakfasts for elementary students.

With the program, the students at Tremblay Elementary, Wembley Elementary, Helen E. Taylor School and École Rocky Elementary School enjoy nutritious food and beverage choices as recommended by Canada’s Food Guide.

“Breaking bread builds communities,” says Patsy Vik, manager of community relations for Encana. “Encana operates in these communities, and this is one way for us to give back.”

At the four schools, the breakfast program is coordinated by staff and volunteers who look forward to each morning. A new menu is created weekly with a variety of food which is prepared before the students’ arrive. The students take their breakfast to their classroom, where they eat and enjoy a healthy meal before the start of class.

“Students have had the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of food choices and it is exciting to hear students say they are tasting foods they had never tried before,” says Lynda Miller, the principal at Helen E. Taylor. “Some students have even commented that they think better with a full tummy.”

It’s good to have a breakfast program because I don’t have a lot of time
in the morning to eat before I get on the bus...
- Grade 4 Student

Read a letter from Helen E. Taylor Principal Lynda Miller on what the program has meant to the school.

The Breakfast Club of Canada is a non-profit organization that provides funding, equipment, training and support to school breakfast programs across the country. Last year The Breakfast Club of Canada helped almost 130, 000 Canadian students across ten provinces, and two territories, start their days with full stomachs.

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