Process safety a part of Encana's Ethos

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An increased emphasis on process safety has prompted a revamping of Ethos, Encana’s Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) management and tracking system. With its built-in improvement and auditing systems, Ethos provides a natural fit to integrate process safety requirements into Encana’s operations.

Since its introduction in 2011, Ethos has helped the company measure, track and understand its EHS performance. As part of this revamping, the system was streamlined in 2016 from 16 to 12 standards, including one on process safety.

“Rather than adding a second, separate management system, it was a perfect opportunity to integrate process safety throughout Ethos and then streamline the system by incorporating the knowledge we’ve gained using Ethos over the past five years,” says Steve Short, Encana’s manager of process safety.

Encana’s sharpened focus on process safety is holistic, encompassing both improved EHS performance in the field as well as the project design and engineering undertaken in the company’s Calgary and Denver offices.

“Process safety is a key component of constructing and operating safe assets and ensuring the integrity of those assets throughout their life cycle. These new practices and procedures help ensure we continue to operate safely,” says Jim Tinsley, Senior Manager of Facilities for Encana’s Southern Operations.

What is process safety?

Process safety focuses on the appropriate design, construction, operation and maintenance of facilities or processes to prevent the release of hazardous materials, which are generally high-severity and low-frequency.

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