Sustainability Governance

Corporate governance is critical to Encana’s business strategy and corporate culture.

We aim to conduct our business with the highest ethical standards. We prioritize stakeholder interest and take accountability in maintaining transparency, integrity and compliance in every aspect of our operations.

Board and Oversight

Avg Tenure and Board Members

Encana’s Board of Directors (Board) plays a fundamental role in the leadership of our company’s strategy and ensures that principled and ethical corporate conduct is observed through the implementation of appropriate governance and internal controls. Encana’s board committees play a key role in risk oversight and are responsible for ensuring proper management of environment, health and safety, human resources, reserves, accounting and corporate responsibility matters. The Corporate Responsibility, Environment, Health and Safety Committee (CREHS) is a committee of the Board that is responsible for oversight of sustainability and ESG-related issues and ensuring an overall corporate responsibility program is in place and applied. The CREHS Committee also reviews and makes recommendations on Encana policies, standards and practices regarding sustainability. Sustainability and ESG-related issues and risks are evaluated by the Board, including those relative to our internal corporate risk report. The Board also engages directly with external stakeholders on topics relevant to ESG-related issues, including those relative to company strategy.

The effectiveness of Encana’s management is enhanced by the diverse perspectives, skills and experience of our Board members. Encana considers diversity of skills and expertise when identifying qualified candidates for board positions and leadership opportunities. This is reflected in our long history with a diverse board membership and executive leadership team, as well as our succession and leadership development process. Board member skills and expertise are highlighted below.

For more information on our Board, visit our corporate governance page. For more information on our governance practices, see our latest proxy statement.

Ethics, Integrity and Compliance

Encana conducts business with integrity and in compliance with local laws and regulations where we operate. Encana’s Business Code of Conduct and Corporate Responsibility Policy demonstrate our ongoing commitment to conducting our business ethically.

All employees are required to commit to the Code of Conduct on an annual basis, acknowledging their understanding of and compliance with its key policies. Such measures are designed to ensure our workforce is always working in compliance with all

Encana policies and practices. Employees are encouraged to report any suspected illegal or unethical behavior through Encana’s Integrity Hotline, which directs reports of improper conduct for investigation and appropriate resolution. 

Sustainability Performance and Compensation

To align the company with its overall yearly targets and metrics, Encana offers all employees the opportunity to participate in our annual bonus program and earn a cash award. Eligibility is based on a combination of financial and operational performance results measured against company metrics, as well as employee performance measured against individual objectives for the year.

To communicate overall company key metrics and targets, we create a company scorecard to reflect the company-wide goals for the year and how they will be measured. Throughout the year, we track our progress and provide a total performance company score for year-end. Encana’s company scorecard includes a safety modifier that reinforces our commitment to achieving

our company metrics safely. Our company scorecard’s safety modifier enables the Board to adjust our overall score to reflect the strength or weakness of our safety performance. In 2018, a safety modifier of 20% was applied after the Board determined that achieving the “safest year ever” for the fifth consecutive year justified an increase to our company score.