Responsible Products Program

We have developed and implemented a company-wide program to manage the chemical additives or products we use in our hydraulic fracturing operations.

Our Responsible Products Program helps ensure that the hydraulic fracturing fluid products we use in our operations are as safe, effective and as environmentally responsible as possible. The program categorizes the products we use based on their potential health and environmental impacts. After we have assessed a specific product, we are then able to make a decision as to whether that product is allowed to be used in our operations.

Encana prohibits the use of hydraulic fracturing fluid products containing diesel fuels, the heavy metals arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, and mercury, 2-Butoxyethanol (2-BE) or benzene, and we will inform our suppliers/vendors that any product containing these additives cannot be used in our hydraulic fracturing operations.

How does the Responsible Products Program Work?

Our Responsible Products Program is a risk-based product assessment and management program. All of the hydraulic fracturing fluid products we use are carefully assessed based on their potential risk to human health or the environment. The program’s components include:

  1. Collecting product data and information (primarily from Material Safety Data Sheets).
  2. Assessing the products using our CAPP Responsible Product Assessment Tool.
  3. Classifying the products into one of three categories.
  4. Identifying and implementing any required operational practices and/or controls, to ensure responsible use of the products or eliminating the products from use.

What is the classification criteria based on?

To ensure that all of our product assessments are thorough, objective and accurate, we developed the Responsible Product Assessment Tool , in conjunction with a third party toxicology service provider and which has been endorsed by CAPP (Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers). This tool , which we we now call the CAPP Responsible Product Assessment Tool uses government databases and information from Environment Canada, the European Union, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygenists as the basis for its classification.

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