Groundwater protection

Natural gas development depends on water.

Protecting groundwater and surface water is important and we work hard to ensure our operations do not adversely affect local water resources. We have processes in place to protect groundwater and minimize environmental impact before, during and after wellbore construction.

We take numerous measures to ensure the integrity of the wellbore and eliminate any pathway from the wellbore to formations containing drinking water. Wellbore construction is critical to protecting groundwater, and we take great care to design and install effective well casing systems. Where other groundwater use is present, we conduct baseline groundwater testing programs near our activities and use water management practices at drilling locations to help ensure our operations have minimal impact on the environment.

During completion operations, we use advanced technology to confirm that each fracture treatment is executed as designed and does not migrate out of the targeted formation. We continue to monitor the integrity of our wells after our completions operations are finished to ensure that local water resources are protected.

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