Water use

Water is a critical resource and we take responsibility for the water we use in our natural gas operations very seriously.

We take a responsible approach to the sourcing, use, transport and disposal of water. We recognize that the water requirements and challenges posed by our operations require tailored approaches to water management. We work to reduce the use of freshwater through the sourcing of alternatives wherever possible. Each of our resource plays has its own water strategy, which may include sourcing both surface water and groundwater.

We have also developed corporate guidance on water tracking and reporting as part of Ethos, our company-wide EH&S management system. This guidance helps us to:

  • incorporate industry best practice
  • set company standards on collecting, maintaining and reporting water data
  • promote the efficient use and protection of surface and ground water
  • promote the use of unutilized water such as saline, non-potable water from deep formations and recycled water
  • encourage watershed planning when developing projects
Water Use1 (MMbbls) 2012 2013 2014
Fresh water use 34.33 41.87 136.68 2
Alternative sources of water 3 0.052 36.78 103.94 4
Total source water use 5 34.38 78.65 240.63 6

  • (1) Water use includes water used in drilling, completions, production, facilities, geophysics, road & lease construction, camps, and pipelines (hydrostatic testing).
  • (2) Fresh water use includes water sourced from surface locations and groundwater aquifers. The increase in fresh water volumes is attributed to acquisitions, an overall increase in completions activity and improvements to our water tracking capabilities.
  • (3) Alternative sources of water include saline and brackish water, recycled/reused produced water, and recycled/reused flowback water.
  • (4) Recycled and reused water data became available in 2014; as a result, 2013 data has been revised. Saline volumes were up in 2014 while reused/recycled volumes were down when compared to 2013. The increase in saline water use is primarily attributed to the acquisition of the Eagle Ford asset in Texas, where approximately 60 percent of water used is from saline sources. The decrease in the recycled/reused volumes used in 2014 is attributed to the divestiture of our Jonah fi eld combined with a decrease in activity in the Piceance region.
  • (5) Total source water used consists of fresh, saline, produced, recycled and reused water.
  • (6) The increase in water use is attributed to our recent acquisitions, an overall increase in completions activity and improvements to our water tracking capabilities.

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