Process safety a part of Encana's Ethos

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Strong corporate governance plays a critical role in our corporate culture and our ability to execute our business strategy. More than a mechanism to ensure Encana meets or exceeds applicable laws and regulations, strong corporate governance promotes accountability and transparency throughout the company.

We continually evaluate our governance framework, as well as best practices in the areas of compliance and business ethics, to ensure that our structure remains effective, clearly communicates expected behaviors, and is consistent with principles of good governance.

  • Ethics & Integrity

    Encana reveals its character by our ethical behaviour and our respect for staff and stakeholders. Ethical behaviour is a cornerstone of Encana's Values. Acting with integrity cannot be prescriptive, however Encana believes that communicating certain expectations helps to promote the spirit of ethical behaviour.

    Read about our commitment to conducting our business ethically and legally in our Business Code of Conduct.

  • Ethos Management System

    Encana utilizes a comprehensive operational management system, called Ethos. Ethos is a structured and documented set of interdependent standards, practices, and procedures used at every level in the company to manage operational, health, safety, and environmental risks. This framework allows Encana to manage risks by clearly stating how we conduct our business. From this overarching standard, our teams implement regional practices and procedures that meet the unique needs and regulatory expectations of our various operating areas.

    Read our Environmental Policy, Health & Safety Policy and more about Ethos.

  • Compliance

    Encana's ability to operate and to be successful is dependent on our ability to know and follow the laws and regulations that govern our operations. We need to be in compliance at all times in the countries, states and provinces in which we operate. To ensure our workforce is working in compliance with laws and regulations, Encana has specific policies related to Competition & Anti-Trust, Securities Trading and Insider Reporting, Anti-Fraud, Disclosure, Prevention of Corruption.

    Staff are required to review and sign off on their understanding and compliance with key policies on an annual basis and to declare any potential conflicts of interest which may impact Encana.

    Read more about our Policies and practices.

  • Integrity Hotline

    In order to uphold Encana's values and commitment to being compliant, everyone is responsible for reporting behaviour that is believed to be illegal or unethical. Concerned individuals are encouraged to report issues about our operations using our Integrity Hotline. All reports are confidential and requests for anonymity will be honored.

  • Investigations

    Encana is committed to a consistent process by which all reported issues are properly received, reviewed, investigated, documented and brought to an appropriate resolution. All staff are required to fully cooperate and assist in any investigation, whether the investigation is conducted internally by Encana or by any external authority.

  • Vendor Compliance

    Service providers and suppliers (collectively referred to as ‘vendors’) play critical roles in supporting strong environment, health and safety (EH&S), governance and social performance. We expect vendors to uphold the same practices as our employees, and we often work directly with vendors to identify and develop compliance strategies to manage EH&S, governance and social issues.

    We use an online prequalification and safety data management system to ensure that vendors meet our expectations. To encourage continued compliance, we regularly audit our vendors to verify that the programs submitted during prequalification are effectively implemented in the field.

    Read about our Contractor EH&S Management.

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