Strong corporate governance plays a critical role in our culture and our ability to execute our business strategy. Corporate governance at Encana is about accountability and transparency throughout the company. Encana’s Board of Directors is responsible for oversight of material risks associated with the company’s strategy. This includes taking reasonable steps to ensure management has an effective system in place to identify, understand and appropriately mitigate risk to meet applicable laws and regulations.

  • Board and oversight

    Encana’s Board Committees play a key role in risk oversight and are responsible for ensuring appropriate identification and management of environment, social and governance (ESG)-related issues. The Board is assisted by the Corporate Responsibility, Environment, Health and Safety Committee (CREHS), which is responsible for reviewing and reporting to the Board actions and initiatives undertaken to mitigate ESG risks on a regular basis in addition to matters that may affect our activities, plans, strategies or reputation. CREHS also reviews and makes recommendations on Encana policies, standards and practices regarding sustainability, including climate related issues.

    We believe diverse backgrounds and perspectives enhance Board and management effectiveness by enabling a broader identification of opportunities and risks, as well as potential impacts to our business. Encana actively considers diversity, gender and geographic representation when identifying qualified candidates for leadership opportunities. This commitment is reflected in our practices, including our long history of gender balance on our Board and Executive Leadership Team, as well as our robust succession and leadership development processes.

  • Ethics, integrity and compliance

    Encana's ability to operate successfully is dependent on a complete understanding of laws, rules and regulations that apply to our business in the jurisdictions where we operate. Encana’s Business Code of Conduct and Corporate Responsibility Policy establish our commitment to conducting our business ethically. We continuously take steps to ensure our workforce is working in compliance of all laws, rules and regulations. Encana employees sign off on the business code of conduct to state their understanding and compliance with key policies and declare any potential conflicts of interest that may impact Encana. Employees are responsible for reporting behaviour that is believed to be illegal or unethical. Concerned individuals are encouraged to anonymously report issues about our operations using our confidential Integrity Hotline. Reported issues are reviewed, investigated, documented and brought to an appropriate resolution.

  • Task force on climate-related financial disclosure

    In 2015, the Financial Stability Board established the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) to develop guidance on climate-related financial reporting. In 2017, the Task Force developed a framework with four widely adoptable recommendations for organizations across sectors and industries. Organizations where climate-related risks and opportunities could become material in the future are encouraged to begin disclosing climate-related financial information. Encana is exploring the TCFD recommendations while continuing our ongoing priority assessment efforts.

    Encana’s approach to TCFD

    Governance: As part of the Encana’s Board of Director’s Mandate, the Board is required to annually review and adopt a strategic planning process and approve the corporate strategic plan, which considers among other things, opportunities and risks to the business.

    Strategy: Encana’s business strategy is risk-based and focused on identifying ESG related issues of importance to our key stakeholders that have the potential to impact our strategy. Encana considers climate-related risks in our financial and strategic scenario analysis. This includes analyzing long-term impacts of commodities pricing, carbon pricing and the long-term financial impacts associated with climate change, among other things.

    Risk management: Encana continues to analyze and address risk on a short and long-term basis, making agile adjustments as needed. Our annual ESG priority assessment provides an analysis of key issues that can impact our strategy.

    Metrics and targets: Encana has a demonstrated history of annually tracking and reporting ESG metrics and then benchmarking our data against our peers. For our 2017 data and metrics, please see our Performance Data.

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